Busy Fall!

We’ve just posted 2 new courses for August, and are scheduling a few more!

So keep your eye on our website and FB page for course announcements.


The first course is in Calgary, AB, on August 13 & 14.  See Calgary course info and registration here.

The second course is in Regina, SK on August 27 & 28.  See Regina course info and registration here.

Please keep in mind that our organiser is away on her own training (with limited internet access), so emails may not be answered until mid-July.

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What Do You Do When You See Someone Wearing …

… a Bjorn / Snuggly / Front Pack … a Forward-Facing-Out Carrier… Etc. ??

AKA: How To Be a Babywearing Advocate

I’ve seen this type of question asked many times on the Interwebs (FB, TBW) and I’ve decided to post my stock reply and honest feelings on the matter.

Smile. A baby is safer in ANY carrier in ANY position (safe airway please) than in any other type of baby container (bucket carseat out of the car, stroller, swing, etc.).

The only unsafe positioning is (especially in a baby 4mos and younger) chin to chest – which I’ve seen in strollers and carseats and swings and even in poorly tightened woven wraps facing in – as well as most often in full cradle carry positions.

Is “it” (the carrier or the position) the most comfortable for baby and/or wearer? Maybe not, but making someone feel stupid (Didn’t you do your research?) or bad (What a waste of money!) or unknowledgeable about their own child (Don’t you know your baby is unhappy?), will NOT make them want to learn more from you – even if you are right about the comfort. 😉

People will find the information they need when they need it and if they want it – then that is when you should be prepared to be a positive resource with easy to find and reasonably priced comfy carrier suggestions.

We should be thrilled to see people have discovered the convenience and closeness of babywearing. Practice, Not Product.

 And just to prove our point –  here it is – a pic of me over 5 years ago with my then 5mo little girl in our homemade stretchy.

Not ideal, but also NOT unsafe.

My cute baby's first time meeting a goat.
“uhhhh…What is that hairy beast, Mama?”
As for the Babywearing:
Not ideal, but also NOT unsafe.
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