We Know Cold – and We STILL Love to Babywear All Winter!

We Know Cold – and We STILL Love to Babywear All Winter!

There are few places in the world that get as cold as we do.  Like this day 2 years ago, when we were colder than Siberia – really incredible.  Most schools were closed, but the majority of people still went into work!

Last year we had the most snow seen in the region for decades – and this year was supposed to be colder and have more snow.  Well, Environment Canada has apologised, saying: “Boy, never have we been more wrong in the West as this year”.

And while I have very much appreciated the warmer weather while loading 2 kids into the van in my detached garage – (please see this article about the importance of winter carseat safety; and don’t even start with me about needing puffy jackets to keep kids warm – polarfleece is warmer and keeps your children where they belong – IN their carseats!) – but, I have been missing our usual winter outdoor babywearing fun.

We often see parents struggling with winter gear and strollers and babies and toddlers, so we wanted to share some of the easy and inexpensive ways that you can baby/toddler-wear and do outdoor activities, in some pretty cold temps!

First up, are babywearing jackets – yep, there are jackets, coats, fleece vests and hoodies, and even carrier coversrain ponchos (for those of you with odd 😉 winter weather) that are all available at pretty reasonable price-points, considering that you not only get a winter coat, but one that allows you to snuggle baby inside too!

DIY Babywearing Poncho

There are also many patterns and ideas available to make a DIY babywearing jacket (which is completely beyond my button-sewing skills! ).  I completely lack sewing skills, but managed to pull off this great little babywearing poncho (don’t worry, it is a no-sew project).  In fact, I made 2, one just for me, and one for me and babe (and I’m pretty proud that I even managed to make the instructions easier to understand for sewing newbies like myself)!

Pumpkin Walk (+5*C)

And of course, if you have a memory like a sieve as I do and forget your BWing outwear, you can always wear your baby over top of your outwear while he/she is in his/her gear.  (Yes – this is me carrying an elephant on my back!) This solution is not really practical if it is quite cold out – as there is too much bulk to comfortably wear for long, and you will both stay warmer and more in tune with each other’s needs if you wear normally and then cover up.

New Year’s Fireworks (-20*C)

It is always important to make sure that baby’s face is not completely covered (baby needs air circulation – same reason not to leave a cover over top of baby in the carseat), so again windchill factors and exposure need to be taken into consideration.

Older kiddos can wear scarves or balaclavas or these totally AWESOME winter hats, but younger babes may need more protection than you can provide, while still keeping their airways clear.  (This pic shows a clear airway, but an obstructed view – which we quickly remedied. ;))

As far as outdoor activities – let your imagination run wild (and stay within your safety skill set).

Long winter walks and visits to beautiful outdoor winter festivals are so amazing to do while babywearing – your kids get to see the sights & beauty from the proper vantage point  and you get to see the sparkles of delight in their eyes!

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(Added pics of my Inuk-made Amauti, with my kids, 5yo and 2.5yo – yes they are big, but when they want to go uppy, I say yes!))

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