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Become a Babywearing Educator

We offer 2 levels of training to suit your needs. Both Level 1 and Level 2 are offered as two-day workshops designed to provide retailers, manufacturers, professionals working with new families & babywearing enthusiasts with the information and skills required to safely advocate for babywearing in their practice.

Consultant (Level 2)

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    Basic review of Level I touching on advocacy and regulatory aspects
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    History of baby carriers and wearing including cultural awareness and respect as it relates to babywearing
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    High focus on Special Needs wearing and understanding how to work with families with a variety of specific needs
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    Business growth and basic foundations
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    Effective community outreach
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    *Prerequisite Level I Educator Course

We Believe...

In CBS we teach “Practice NOT Product ...”
This means that we are here to talk about the practice of baby carrying as opposed to the specific products. 

Not every carrier is suitable for every caregiver - learning the practice of baby carrying with the right tools is key.

We are here to help people deeply understand the practice of baby carrying as opposed to just an understanding of products.

We believe everyone has the right to enjoy the benefits of using a baby carrier, regardless of income, location, race, gender, age, or sexual orientation.

Everyone is welcome to attend our courses - everyone means every one!

The Canadian Babywearing School did not invent the practice of baby carrying - baby carrying dates back to the beginning of time and across most cultures and countries.

We are passionate and educated, and as a team have over 15 years of experience in various capacities in the Babywearing Industry. Our combined skills and experience have allowed us to create, grow and promote the current practice of baby carrying within the baby carrier and Babywearing industry.

CBS offers the most comprehensive babywearing classes available in Canada. Whether teaching the general public or babywearing educators, the information is up to date and reliable.

Arie is excellent at relating to her classes and it's a joy to learn from her. There is no one more experienced and qualified, in my opinion, to teach about babywearing. I look forward to future courses from CBS.

Brianne Ward
Naturally Worn - Babywearing Services

I took the Level 1 course through CBS I the fall of 2017 as a way to enhance my knowledge of babywearing and safety as I teach a variety of mom & baby fitness classes that often incorporate babywearing while moving. Prior to taking the the course I had designed my programs from the perspective of an avid babywearing parent.

Afterwards I was able to fine tune my programming to ensure that they were held to the highest safety standards for both baby and the wearer. I LOVED the hands on approach to learning that this course provides and cannot wait to take Level 2!

Alanna Doxtator Moore 
Barbells and Baby Bumps

My training was simply awesome! It gives me the skills and knowledge to share my passion for wearing babies with others and to provide them with safe and verified information!

I love that I was able to not only learn the skills themselves, but also how to teach them to others! Arie is really knowledgeable and always up to date on the latest studies and information from the industry. Its always a pleasure to go back to one of her classes to update myself too!

Cindy Larrivée
Baby Carrier Industry Alliance

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