The Canadian Babywearing School was created at a time when "common knowledge" wasn't very common. It was driven by a desire to answer the question "Is this safe for a mom and her little one?"

Since its humble beginnings in this industry, CBS has developed trainings, public speaking & consultant work, focusing on improving public health through baby carrying.

The Canadian Babywearing School has taught workshops & conferences across North America as well as in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Italy, Belgium & Australia.

In addition to teaching Babywearing Educator’s workshops, CBS has taught sessions to hundreds of health & community workers, with a goal of creating a baby carrying culture in Canada."


Arie Brentnall

Canadian Babywearing School Trainer

Arie is a synergistic public speaker & consultant focusing her energies on improving public health through babywearing.

Through the Canadian Babywearing School, she has taught at workshops & conferences across North America as well as in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Italy, Belgium & Australia.

As a way to keep at the forefront of industry trends Arie is the Vice-Chair of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance & has served on the BCIA Board since its inception in 2010.

Her experience in the babywearing industry spans more than 12 years; she has previously owned Canada's largest online babywearing retail store, sat on other related boards & continues to accept consulting contracts within the industry. Her work with companies of all sizes maintains a focus on achieving regulatory compliance, increased sales & consumer satisfaction.

In addition to teaching Babywearing Educator’s workshops, Arie has taught her sessions to hundreds of health & community workers, with a goal of creating a babywearing culture in Canada."

Naledi Stones

Canadian Babywearing School Trainer

Naledi is the mother of 3 young children, who began utilizing baby carriers when her eldest was one month old. She knew instantly the benefit it provided her and her family.

Naledi began her professional life as a Registered Nurse, working for ten years predominantly in Community Nursing. In her role as a Visiting Nurse Naledi realized the importance of empowering people to be leaders in their own healthcare.

In 2015, while on Maternity Leave with her youngest Naledi joined Salsa Babies as an Instructor and at that point realized the impact of being involved in supporting and strengthening the culture of Canadian Babywearing.

Naledi took the Canadian Babywearing School Educator Training in 2016 to provide greater support to the families in her Salsa Babies classes and her community.

Naledi believes strongly in educating and empowering communities to take a proactive approach to their healthcare and believes a strong baby carrying culture is a key factor to sustaining healthy, happy communities.

Thamo Hurly

Canadian Babywearing School Trainer

Thamo is a mom of 2 boys who didn’t really “get” babywearing (or how to use her carrier properly) until baby number 2, when wearing became a necessity.

Her first career was as a Social Service Worker primarily working in Mental Health Services with Children, Youth and Families. In 2008 Thamo became a Yoga instructor and added Pre and Postnatal classes to her repertoire not long after.

In 2014 Thamo joined Salsa Babies, first as an instructor, then as the Instructor Training Coordinator. This allowed Thamo to combine her passions for working with and coaching people with her deep love of safe movement.

Thamo has taken numerous trainings and certifications to support this work including the Canadian Babywearing School Educator course, the Core Confidence Specialist program through Bellies Inc and various other group and pre/postnatal fitness certifications.

Thamo is excited to help more people understand and advocate for the physical and emotional benefits of baby carrying and wearing.

Victoria Celestini

Canadian Babywearing School Trainer

Victoria is an outgoing, quick-witted, mother of 2. She began exploring the benefits of babywearing before the birth of her first child, and has been part of the babywearing community for the last four years.

It was within the last year Victoria ventured turning her hobby into a business; and this was after completing her training with the Canadian Babywearing School. Victoria currently runs a private education business where she mainly helps new or growing families decide which baby carrier(s) will suit their needs, utilize a baby carrier they may currently own, provide caregivers general knowledge about the benefits of attachment parenting and most importantly safe babywearing practice.

Victoria has a keen business sense and considers herself an expert as it relates to dealing with the client experience. She has all the tools to help you effectively communicate with your intended audience so your messaging is clear and the information you provide is accurate.

Aside from babywearing discussions, if you want to chat about wearing yoga pants as regular pants everyday, she is also very knowledgeable about this subject matter...

Victoria is excited to support your educational journey and help you provide families, caregivers and industry professionals access to practical knowledge about babywearing.

Her personal motto: Keep your babies close, carry them near your heart and let your love show.

Lorraine Hamel

Canadian Babywearing School Trainer

Lorraine started using baby carriers in 2016, when her first child was born. This newfound tool quickly became a passion and way of life for her. After taking her educator training with the Canadian Babywearing School in 2017, she started her consulting business where she teaches babywearing to caregivers and helps them find the right carrier to fit their needs.

Lorraine also volunteers with Carry Me Close Babywearers, a Toronto-based non-profit organization that offers carrying advice online and in-person at “Babywearing 101” meetings.

Lorraine strives to make babywearing accessible to everyone. She is passionate about teaching safe and comfortable use of baby carriers, aiming to make babywearing part of mainstream infant care practices.

Lorraine a commencé à utiliser des porte-bébés en 2016, lorsque son premier enfant est né. Ce nouvel outil est rapidement devenu une passion et un mode de vie pour elle. Après avoir suivi sa formation d'éducatrice avec le Canadian Babywearing School en 2017, elle a lancé son entreprise de consultation, où elle enseigne le portage et aide ses clients à trouver un porte-bébé adapté à leurs besoins.

Lorraine fait également du bénévolat auprès de Carry Me Close Babywearers, un organisme à but non lucratif basé à Toronto qui offre des conseils en ligne et en personne à des réunions «Babywearing 101».

Lorraine s’efforce de rendre le portage accessible à tous. Elle se passionne par l’enseignement de l’utilisation sécuritaire et confortable des porte-bébés avec comme but de les voir couramment utilisés dans les soins aux nourissons.