Continuing Education Options

Yearly Re-certification
(formerly Audit)

Keeping up with the latest trends, carrier offerings and styles and industry changes will always be a key part of being a great Educator and Consultant.

We make that very easy for you here at Canadian Babywearing School.

Come back each year and re-take the Educator/Consultant courses with us!

At $100 per 2/day session, the cost is low enough to make reinvesting in yourself and your knowledge, and easy decision!

Enthusiast Course

You LOVE all things related to baby carriers, wearing the industry right?

From the fibres of the wrap, the variety of wrapping options, the industry terminology, to different carrying styles - it all makes you excited!

If this is you, then you will love our *NEW* Enthusiast course.

This is not a course that will help you be a better Educator or Consultant, nor will you put the content of this course into practice regularly with the families you serve,  BUT it will definitely connect you with other Enthusiasts and will feed your love of the baby carrier and wearing industry!

This will be a one day course.


​Baby Wear Fit Courses

Are you an Educator or Consultant and ALSO a fitness instructor that wants to add baby carriers to your fitness classes? 

Maybe you are an Educator or Consultant that wants to start adding baby carrying to other movement programs you offer?

Do you value having the best and safest information and practices for the families who take your classes?

Being an Educator or Consultant is only half of the dynamic to ensure a great babywearing fitness/movement class. Are you ready to learn the other half?

Understanding the ripple effect of movement is one of the key focuses of the Baby Wear Fit Courses.